Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Overheard at Talin

Miki is shopping at Talin World Market in Albuquerque. Talin scares me. It is like the Bizarro World version of Foreign Buyer's Club. (Though admittedly, this place is a paradise for guys with an Asian fetish.) While Miki shops, I sit and read at nearby Bobo Cafe. It is usually quiet here, but today, a wild-haired guy comes in and starts ranting about how Talin is supported by the military. I kind of get it. Kirtland Air Force Base is nearby, and no doubt many airmen brought back wives after being stationed in Asia. These women probably banded together to import ingredients from their native lands. So in reality, the opposite appears true, and Talin actually supports the military, keeping the wives happy, who'll in turn boost the morale of its soldiers.

All I'm sure of is that Bobo Tea is pretty tasty.

On the turntable: The JB's, "Pass the Peas"

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