Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Bloody Santa Fe...

My workplace is dog-friendly, and many people bring their animals in. Today, a woman came in, leashed to one of those contact animals that people are invited to pet, in order to have a rare connection with a living thing, therefore having a more complete life or something. What made it particularly unusual was that the woman was wearing a fur coat at the time.

On the turntable: Smashing Pumpkins, "Siamese Dream"


  1. "leashed to one of those contact animals that people are invited to pet." I don't know if "contact animals" are something in particular or just the phrase you thought of yourself, but I read it as the latter and I found it very interesting! When going back and visiting the States I forgot how many people have pets, and I like animals so I was happy at first, but then I realized how many of them are just "contact animals that people are invited to pet". Weird stuff.

  2. I love animals and dogs. Yes, there is a BUT. BUT not all dogs are as loveable as their owners think they are! Many people are allergic to dogs. People take dogs to all sorts of places where it is quite inconsiderate to do so. Love ya Ted, Hi to Miki!

  3. Actually, this is confusing to everyone, especially since I didn't know what to call this type of thing. This dog didn't belong to the woman (I think), but was wearing a sweater inviting people to pet it, as a means to relax, relieve stress, whatever. What is this called? Animal therapy?

    That's what made it so bizarre. A mink-wearing pet-lover isn't that uncommon. An animal therapist wearing mink is.

    So Santa Fe...

    (And "Mink-Wearing Pet-Lover" is an excellent band name...)


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