Monday, August 1, 2011

Thoughts on a Sunday

...Often in greeting someone with a "How ya Doin'?", I get back a "Doin' Good." It always makes me curious about what good they've done. Rescued a kitty from a tree? Helped an old woman cross the street? Saved orphans from a fire"
Next time, I'll ask...

...someday I hope to read a novel by Tim O'Brien while listening to a bluegrass CD by Tim O'Brien...

On the turntable: Tennessee Ernie Ford, "This Lusty Land"
On the nighttable: Arthur Kopecky, "Leaving New Buffalo Commune"

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  1. Today, I put a kitty up a tree. I helped an old woman cross the street, even though she didn't really want to go. I was up to no good whatsoever today, however, at least I did not set any orphans on fire. Next time you ask me, I shall say, "Doin' No Good, Ted!" How You Doin?


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