Saturday, May 1, 2010


(Didn't I also start my last blog with a reference to a newborn child? Today, being Mayday, is colored "Red," so think "Akachan.")

If you're just tuning in, there are about 5 years of post at Notes From the 'Nog, scenes of a life as it was lived in Japan. That life will continue, somewhat, in flashbacks and where that world overlaps with my current life here in Santa Fe. Hence the title, "Dueling Bentos," me being in a constant state of betwixt and between, never Japanese, no longer in Japan, yet not really an American anymore, living in a city that is not quite America either.

So expect some old ideas, some new insights, and the occasional double post, along with the familiar papers, pics, and tables. And be sure not to rub your eyes after touching the chili...

On the turntable: Mario Grigorov, "Paris to Cuba"

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